Lukaku injured his head in Southampton

Lukaku injured his head in Southampton

08.01.2018 14:25

Lukaku injured his head in Southampton, Mourinho said, "he came back.He did not concussion.Is just his protection.He hopes to play against Everton, but this time he Fellaini can comeback, Carrick has resumed training Cody Hodgson Jersey, but he can not participate in the game.Valencia will return to the team next week Marek Mazanec Jersey, but tomorrow he will not play.

Last summer, Salah joined Liverpool with a record 42 million euros to bring his good fortune to England. Sarach played on behalf of Liverpool 29 times this season, scored 23 goals and eight assists accounted for, the team's top scorer. At the national team level, Salah led the Egyptian national team after a lapse of 28 years to return to the World Cup finals, Salah eventually elected African football is indeed deserved. Salah ranks second in Liverpool's team-mate Mane, with Aubameyang from Dortmund third.

Argentine coach Cooper was elected to Africa's Best Coach of the Year Viktor Stalberg Jersey. Cooper's change to the national team has been evident since coaching the Egyptian national team in 2015 Dante Fabbro Jersey. During the qualifying of this year's World Cup, the Egyptian national team crossed the road to qualify for the World Cup finals in the group's first place. After a lapse of 28 years Back to the world's top stage football.

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