Weier Tongheng long pass

Weier Tongheng long pass

08.01.2018 14:24

Weier Tongheng long pass, Orijee right high speed plug the header ferry to the door, plug in Cairn stopped the ball did not stop Viktor Stalberg Jersey, missed a single-sided goal. The first 45 minutes, Eriksson suddenly broke the ball into the restricted area Paul Gaustad Jersey, Ali knocked back, Eriksson right arc volley at the right foot volley, the ball hit the defensive team legs change line, Adrian quickly respond to the ball care Out of the beam Seth Jones Jersey. The first half of the two teams 0-0 temporarily intervened in vain.

This winter window, Van Dick 75 million pounds to join the Red Army deal has become the focus of media attention. The British media, "Daily Mirror," also dug Van Dijk fame before some of the past, the world's most valuable defender 10 years ago Filip Forsberg Jersey, or a brush potter, the boss has repeatedly persuaded Fan Dike to concentrate on football to wash Bowl, and eventually Vandick adhere to the football dream, to achieve the counterattack of their own destiny.

In the game against Chelsea, Wilshire took the lead in the break, but soon, Azar was Bereless down in the restricted area, the referee gave Chelsea a penalty, and then Azar penalty penalty . Wenger is extremely dissatisfied with such a sentence, he claimed that this is an ugly decision, and Wenger is also very domineering said he will challenge the FA one hundred percent of the possible allegations.

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