Recalling his season journey

Recalling his season journey

25.12.2017 12:02

Recalling his season journey, the turning point is September 12 Champions League Manchester United 3-0 Basel World War I, Pogba was injured. Prior to that, Makhtadul made four assists in the Premiership and recorded five assists Marc Staal Jersey. After that, the tournament started with 11 starts and 8 starts, scoring 2 goals and 0 assists. This shows that the existence of Bo Pa important to Mickey how important. "100 million gentlemen" have the body, good at the ball, Manchester United offensive end is a strong support point to attract each other defensive force, create space for teammates and opportunities. There he is, the Armenian Kings face less defensive pressure, just around the Pogba run, using the space created by his teammates sent a final pass.

The 18/18 Premier League debut of the 18/18 season, Manchester United with 13 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses and 41 points standings standings standings, compared with last season, the Red Devils undoubtedly made great progress this season. Especially in defense, the first 18 rounds of Manchester United only lost a total of 12 balls Jimmy Vesey Jersey, Mourinho's current team and Manchester City, Burnley, tied for the Premiership at least.

Wenger has been teaching Arsenal for 21 years, in recent years, because the gunmen have been unable to win the Premiership champions last season, missed the semi-finals of the Premier League in the new season can only play in the European Union, Wenger has been carrying a heavy Get out of class pressure, but this summer, Wenger or withstand the pressure with the gun signed a two-year contract

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