Joining Manchester United a season

Joining Manchester United a season

25.12.2017 12:02

Joining Manchester United a season and a half, Mkhitaryan experienced ups and downs. Data show that from August last year to November, he had 19 games only one starting; from November last year to November this year Josh Jooris Jersey, 63 war starting 43; November so far, 9 0 0 starter. So the question is: What happened to his mother? Why suddenly dropped from the peak of the season to tragically abandoned Keith Yandle Jersey, no ball to play? What is his own problem, or Mourinho tactics?

In a column written for Sky Sports, Manchester United star Phil Neville pointed out that Manchester United without Pogba, less creative offensive, and he also believes that Jose Mourinho's use of Lukaku overdone , Referring to Makhta Tarah in the Manchester United situation, Phil - Neville believes that the madman did nothing wrong, because this is the cruelty of professional football Brian Leetch Jersey.

When talking about the rumors of a love affair transfer to Azar, Conti said: "There are many rumors, which are hard times for each club and coach. Some are real and some are wrong Adam Clendening Jersey. The best way to handle this situation is for me, not to go to the newspaper, only to communicate with the club, and to reinforce the squad as much as possible.We need to deal with such rumors and at the same time focus on the competition because we each We will have to play a few days and we should not allow those rumors to interfere with us. We need to endure these rumors, but for sure, my players are very focused and we do not want to bother rumors because many of them are incorrect.

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