Alex Smith yes we know his chief

Alex Smith yes we know his chief

25.12.2017 12:02

Alex Smith, yes, we know his chief has a four-game losing streak during the season, but let's take a closer look at his current play-sixth in the league in passing numbers (3738 yards) (25) and the least number of interceptions (5) among quarterbacks passing more than 400 passes. His team has just defeated the lightning to stabilize its top position in the partition But he is ignored.

Steelers' defensive performance continued the excellent performance of the end of last season, averaging 19.9 points (7th lowest in the league) in 14 games. This year's defense team is the most important addition to the first round of the draft pick TJ watts, Watts came after the replacement of veteran Harrison, as the main outsider pass the start of the 2017 season in the Steelers 3-4 defensive system like a duck , The current defensive front total won 43 sacks, Cameron - Haywood won the career of up to 10 killings lead the team Colby Robak Jersey.

1 Karim Hunter, Kansas City Chiefs running back. Karim Hunter, who is a third-round pick this year, came to the league like a beast who had escaped from the cage and continued to wreak havoc with each other's defenses Julius Nattinen Jersey. In the first game of his career in the face of a strong Super Bowl champions New England Patriots did not retreat, but also get astonishing 148 yards red ball yards and 3 touchdowns data for the Patriots to eat The first defeat of the season. Arrived first rookie Karim Hunter in the league is not like a rookie, so far this season to get the league's second 1201 yards red ball yard number, at the beginning of the season is to help Kansas City Chiefs hit a perfect 5-game winning streak Start Dany Heatley Jersey, is one of the most brisk star in the league.

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